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Willow Tree Embroidery

Welcome to Willow Tree Embroidery

Welcome to Willow Tree Embroidery

Welcome to Willow Tree EmbroideryWelcome to Willow Tree Embroidery


Can you embroider on garments that I bring to you?

 Yes, we can embroider on most garments brought to us. I will confirm when you bring I the items you want embroidered. 

What is the minimum order?

 No minimum orders 

How do I know which shirt and color to pick?

Through years of experience we can help you choose the right color and right material based on your logo design and the colors within that logo.

Whats the time frame for new orders?

 Most orders can be completed within a week. 

What types of image files can you use for my embroidery order?

Just about any digital format can be converted using our special software.

Why do I have to pay a setup charge for embroidery?

The digitizing software we use is not cheap and not easy to use. It accepts most digital images and there’s a fair amount of work we put in to converting it to a usable file that the embroidery machine can handle.

What is you’re pricing?

Because you logo is unique, stitch count as well as number of color changes will affect the time to stitch out each piece, thereby affecting the price per piece. Prices start $7.00 per piece.